Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Radiohead at the Bowl

Awesome Show, originally uploaded by julieverive.

Last night we walked up to the Hollywood Bowl (1.7 miles!) for the Radiohead show!

The staging was amazing, the music was incredible, and there are few things I enjoy more about a Radiohead show than watching Thom Yorke flail around on stage. They covered a good amount of material I recognized (Kharma Police!) and a few that I didn't.

This also marks the third time in five years that I have given John tickets to Radiohead for his birthday, and they certainly do not disappoint!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

John Turns 30!

To celebrate this milestone birthday, we trekked out to Palm Springs for an awesome weekend of fun in the sun. After spending most of the day in the pool, we headed out to LG Steakhouse for a delicious dinner, and more partying!

We also hit up Boardners on Friday night for some drinks, saw the Dark Knight on the IMAX (so amazing!) and visited with Amanda in OC where he received a beautiful guitar for his birthday!

Finally yesterday we went out to Sam Ash so John could blow all of his birthday cash in one giant purchase and finally got him a guitar amp!

All in all, I would say a successful introduction into his 30s!

Happy Birthday Sweetness! I love you!