Monday, December 05, 2005

Now It Feels Like the Holidays!

Cuz it wouldn't be Christmas without the anticipation of another Peter Jackson chef d'oeuvre. Late last week, John purchased our tickets for King Kong. the seven o'clock show on opening night, which is also a prerequisite. I have happily let the anticipation slowly seep its way into my mind, knowing that come December 14th I would be giddy with childish excitement!

So last night, John and I were hanging out at home, enjoying the remaining hours of Sunday night, dreading the long week ahead of us when John's phone rings with Justin's signature ringtone.... John answers the phone and his eyes light up. He hangs up the phone and asks me if I'd like to see King Kong tomorrow.

I don't understand the question...

How is it possible that we could see the most highly anticipated film of the year (at least by me) nine days early?

Well, evidently they are doing a prescreening at the Arclight tonight (the coolest movie theater EVER) and we are going to be there! I feel dizzy with the rush of excitement that I was not at all prepared for, and I can't wait to see what promises to be another Peter Jackson classic!

Thank you Justin!!! You're my HERO!!!