Monday, January 07, 2008

2007 Was a Good Year...

1) We moved into our new apartment in January, so we've now lived here a year. All in all it has been a good experience! Not as much of a party house as Mansfield was, which was less of a party place than any of our places in Santa Cruz... So it may just be a symptom of us getting older....

2) My job received an influx of insanity as Van Halen hit the road for their highly anticipated tour! It has been a great experience working on the tour and I have learned so much. I finally feel prepared to deal with the second leg of the tour (starting January 22 and going through April for sure, possibly through July!) and all the craziness it will bring.

3) I really cracked down on eating better and working out and managed to lose about 20 pounds since April! It was actually easier than I expected and the results have done nothing but encourage me to work just a little harder in 08.

4) John and I celebrated 5 years of marriage in October. That was a biggie!

So it was a pretty good year. I can only hope that 2008 is at least as good!