Friday, November 30, 2007

What happened to November!?!?!

I can't believe it has been over a month since I blogged. So much going on!!

Halloween was great! I was Courtney Love (so authentic in fact, that I experienced the worst hangover of my life after having only a few drinks!) and John was Jack Sloan - Adventurer. There are a bunch of pictures on my flickr!

Courtney and Jack

Following that, most of November is pretty much a blur.

The day before Thanksgiving we got Rock Band and have been rocking pretty regularly since then. Drums are HARD, and vocals are even harder - when you don't know the words - or the melody! Tonight is our next Rock Band event, I'm sure there will be pictures soon.

Kick ass band!

Thanksgiving was very nice, we hosted John's mom for the third year. The dinner was fabulous, except for the turkey. We purchased a Butterball for the feast (our Ralph's sucks and it was the ONLY option) and brined it as we always do. When we pulled the turkey out of the oven it was noticeably moist. But not good moist. Like water-logged. But the rest of the feast was amazing (thank you John!) and we put up our Christmas tree while we digested!

The Annual Photo

On Black Friday we drove down to Orange County to visit with Andrew and Jodi and baby Annika! She is an adorable, mellow baby and it was wonderful to finally meet her! Andrew and Jodi seem very happy and the three of them make quite a beauty little family!

Awesome face

Good luck during the holidays everyone, and I'll try to update more often!