Monday, September 13, 2004

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Quick Update

So I have now worked eight days in a row. I'm exhausted, but I only have one more day, and then it will all be worth it because I have the entire holiday weekend off.

A few quick notes from the past couple of weeks.... I saw
Anna Paquin at work last weekend. She was apparently very rude to much of our staff, but she was nice enough to me. I also saw Mark Ruffalo as I was ringing him up for nearly $200 in children's books.... He was super cool, as was his wife, Sunrise. That's right, his wife's name is Sunrise.

The GM position was decided early this week, they have chosen the GM of our Glendale store. She is awesome and will be really good for the store. The best part of it is that my direct manager is applying for her position in Glendale (as well as in West Hollywood) so the chances of him moving up in the very near future are really good - meaning the chances of me moving up in the next month or so are really pretty good as well!

This weekend cannot come soon enough. What a way to celebrate Labor Day than to work for nine days in a row just so that I could have all of Labor Day weekend off....

I must be a little crazy!