Thursday, January 27, 2005

Speed Hump!

Speed Hump!, originally uploaded by julieverive.

John and I were driving home from a Fro-Yo run and saw these on the road.... Not speed bumps, but.... yeah.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

How Do People Ever Find the Time?...

Yes, I know, it's been just over a month since I posted. Things have been crazy, at least I feel like they've been crazy in the past month. That, and things haven't seemed very blog-worthy lately....

John and I have made it now 24 days (nearly) smoke-free. I have avoided talking about it until now because I was so overwhelming depressed by the whole fiasco that i wanted to pretend it wasn't really happening. Now that the depression has (mostly) subsided, I can say only one thing. Kids, don't smoke. Don't just not smoke because it is bad for you and all that. Don't start smoking because it is so incredibly emotionally painful to quit.

In happier news, things still suck at work. I have been passed over for yet another job, which wasn't even a promotion. It was a lateral move that would have done wonders for my development into a management position later on. But was I even considered for the position? NO. My boss has the nerve to tell me she had no idea I was interested in changing positions. Then clearly she hasn't listened to a damn word that I have said to her in the last five months.

Taxes suck. I hate George W. Bush.

Finally, on Friday we went to see the first ever live taping of NBC's "hit" show Scrubs. On last Tuesdays show I guess there was an ad during Scrubs advertising the live taping and John entered our names and we got in!!!

Scrubs is one of those shows that no one really knows about, and yet it is so fantastic! Much of the evening was narrated by Bill Lawrencethe creator and executive producer for the show - also the creator of Spin City and he was a staff writer for a little show called Friends. He was funny on his own, and then they brought the cast out, including Zach Braff of Garden State fame. The taping was incredible. It all seemed so surreal, because since they normally don't have a studio audience, the cast seemed super stoked and friendly toward the audience, and the actual show was really funny! I guess the show won't air until February sweeps, but if you catch the show (called "My Life in Four Cameras") listen in, you may hear us laughing and hooting!

Oh and they brought Colin Hay out to play for us (he has done a few songs for Scrubs and one on the Garden State soundtrack) and he was really cool.

Stay tuned, I'll try to post more frequently.

I promise.